Patrick D. McCaslin Interview, 25 February 2001

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INT:Well, there was a group of people that came out from Washington, right? Which was about a week after the—within a week, right?
INT:Because, the head of Project Blue Book at the time, Quintanilla, says that nobody from Blue Book went to Minot.
PM:That could be. I mean, the way it was—I think the reason I was in the—oh I can't remember what they called this guy, this shop. It's where they took all the film and analyzed it to see how you did on your bomb—Bomb Study or the Targeting Studies bunch, or whatever. Anyway, I should know that because we dealt with those guys all the time.
INT:I think you talk about it in your first interview, yeah.
PM:And I forget the exact name, but there was usually a navigator in charge of that bunch, a senior navigator and he was in charge of reviewing all the flights. He'd go in there and he'd see how you did on your bomb run. We were called in there to see these films, and we were told—my impression is, I was told that the reason we were coming in was because there was a team from Washington looking at the incident, and no one said 'Blue Book' to my knowledge, and my impression is from Washington. And there was this individual I described, this Colonel—older gentleman, very casual. My impression was he was in blues, that he had his coat was open, he was sitting there talking to me. Chuck—I don't remember if Chuck was with me. My impression is that I was there with people other than myself from the crew. Maybe Brad was there. But they ran the film, discussed the closure speed. It was there that I asked this man, this Colonel if I could discuss this with other people, and he said, "Sure, go ahead," and that's the only person that I remember from anywhere outside the base that was—
INT:Their interest was in clarifying the scope photo evidence? That this thing moved that fast? What was their primary concern?
PM:Well, I don't know what their primary concern was. That's—
INT:Well why were you there?
PM:You know my impression is that they just wanted to let us see the film. Now they may have—I don't remember them asking me a whole lot of questions about it. It was like, he may have asked some questions about the incident, but it was almost like, "C'mon in" and, "there's this guy here from Washington and we're gonna let you see your scope photos and you

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