Radar Analyses

Martin Shough

An Teallach, Wester Ross by Martin Shough

An Teallach, Wester Ross by Martin Shough

Martin Shough contributes an analysis to this study, entitled, “Anomalous Echoes Captured by a B-52 Airborne Radarscope Camera”, with twin goals of testing the internal consistency of the witness narratives and official records against the physical evidence, while seeking an explanation for the anomalous radar echoes. He examines many conventional interpretations for the echoes, concluding that none of the possibilities are convincing.

Biography: Martin Shough

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Claude Poher

Dr. Claude Poher

Building on Shough's foundation, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) French space agency scientist and astronomer Claude Poher contributes a photometric examination of the physical characteristics of the radarscope photos, including calculations of the UFO trajectory and accelerations in a paper, entitled, “Analysis of Radar and Air-Visual UFO Observations on 24 October 1968 at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, USA.” Incorporating a multidisciplinary methodology, Poher systematically formulates hypotheses leading to theoretical considerations regarding the energetic potential of the UFO. He suggests, for instance, that if it were possible for the UFO to sustain the inferred accelerations for more than a dozen hours it could theoretically attain relativistic speeds approaching that of light, such that an interstellar voyage is possible. The quantity of kinetic energy necessary to achieve this would be enormous; and Poher proposes there may well exist a natural form of energy able to accomplish this feat.

Biography: Claude Poher

Website: http://www.universons.com

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