Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:Yeah, he didn't want to be involved in the UFO sighting, so he went to the back room, the pilot's compartment. And we have a bunk and so he didn't want to be involved in it at all.
INT:Now are you talking about James Partin?
BR:No, Don Cagle.
BR:Yeah, I'm sure he's retired from Delta now, but yeah, he was going for an interview at Delta the next day and didn't want to tell them he had seen a UFO.
INT:'Oh by the way—' [laughs]
BR:Yeah, right. So basically it was Major Partin and me in the pilots' positions.
INT:How many other people were onboard?
BR:Okay, well we would have had our full crew, which would be 2 navigators and a gunner and then an electronics warfare officer.
BR:And I believe that was all we had on the site and then just Major Partin was the extra crewman at the time.
INT:You didn't utilize your ECM equipment?
BR:Uh, no. They would have had it shut down. At that time they would have been doing paperwork, getting ready, you know, to land.
INT:Okay, so let's just go from there.
BR:Well, so then after—I don't know how long, but just seconds or minutes at the most, then the object on the radarscope went to the other side of the airplane and it stayed a mile, a mile and a half, something or other like that just off the left tail of the airplane.
INT:Did it go over or—?
BR:No it didn't. It went straight—just drifted straight across behind the plane.

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