Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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INT:I mean, there was a lot of activity in the '70's at those facilities. I mean UFO-type activity.
BR:Oh, okay.
INT:Where do we go now? So you'd been there a year before this incident occurred?
BR:Probably about 2 years, because I'd been in Stanboard for a while, and you don't just start out in Stanboard.
INT:Stanboard? What exactly does that mean?
BR:Standardization Evaluation [Board]. You want all the crews to be standardized in all their activity they do in their plane, and then we evaluate 'em—make so, you know, instead of having one crew that can only work with one crew then you can take a member from another crew and they'll—all crew members are interchangeable that way.
INT:Now before this incident happened, were there any other—
BR:Well, none that I was involved in. Yeah, well there was just talk, you know, of tales in the area from things that happened, but nothing that I personally knew about.
INT:You hadn't heard about many previous other—there was an incident in '67 at Minot, wasn't there? You didn't know about it?
BR:No, I really didn't, and unless it was in the newspaper, but no one would tell us. Just like after our incident, why I have no idea what Major Partin, who was the pilot in the airplane at the time—I have no idea what he said and—or what anyone else said. Just what I was told, you know, in the debriefing afterwards.
INT:So you guys didn't talk about it?
BR:No, we never talked about it. Matter of fact I never talked about it at all until many years later. For one thing I have a son who's in the Air Force. He's a major now and didn't want to do anything to jeopardize his career.
INT:Were you under a security order?
BR:No, it was more implied than anything.
INT:Yeah. Of course.

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