Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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glowing, but well anyway, there was pretty much an egg-shaped object on the ground, okay? It was lined up with the runway, but the orange glowing part, which looked like either molten metal or lava, something like that—it wasn't shiny or glowing or anything. I mean it was, you know, just, well it was dull.
INT:It didn't look like it was radiating?
BR:No, it didn't look like it was radiating. It was you know it was just—looked like lava or molten metal, okay? But the one part that sort of made me wonder whether the thing turned around or why it was pointed in the direction it was, then there was a shiny tubular section that came from the end away from the runway, okay? So it's not you know, the part that I thought was the control center, okay? So anyway, it was smooth metallic looking, round tunnel. Then it attached to sort of a crescent moon-shaped object which sort of wrapped around the one end of the larger mass, and it was smooth, shiny, metallic-looking, and...
INT:It was like a bumper?
BR:Yeah, only bigger. I mean it was pretty good-sized too.
INT:The bumper was separated from the object?
BR:Yes, by this tunnel-like thing, okay? But it was, like I said, where the object was, you know, curved on the back end, or the front end—whichever it was, the metallic part also had the same curvature and it was the same width as the rest of it, but, you know, it just wasn't very long. Yeah, I tried looking in there, but I couldn't—I could see some lights, and it seems to me like I can remember green and yellow, but I just don't know. There were lights and I thought I should be able to see objects in there. We went over real fast and I really couldn't distinguish anything inside.
INT:But you assumed there was something inside? It appeared as though there were but you couldn't identify it, or what?
BR:Well, I just assumed there was something in there 'cause I could see some lights and it looked like I could see back inside, you know for part of the front view of it.
INT:Could you also see the ground?
BR:Oh yeah.
INT:Was this thing illuminating at all?

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