Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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INT:But both you guys knew where this thing is?
INT:Now when it left your side—the side of the plane, did it move in front of you?
BR:No. On our penetration, why it was behind us just a little bit off to the side and so once it stayed on the ground, you know—
INT:It just dropped down?
BR:Well, we were then a thousand, two thousand feet above the ground, so, yeah, it just—when we stopped the descent then they just kept on going and just, you know. Anyway the nav team just said that it set down. But anyway, it departed from us, or it stayed there and then we went on. So, anyway, we were vectored back around over the thing and actually another pattern by—well, on our downwind leg, or base leg, then perpendicular to the runway, we were just to the outside of it, so Major Partin, could look right down into—over the object. I was in the right seat so I had to look sort of across the airplane. Well anyway our radios went out again and I was talking on the radios to the ground controllers and they said that—of course every time the radios went out, you know, they thought we had a problem or something and they mentioned that our radios went dead in mid-word, not mid-sentence, just the word broke off.
INT:So you're going to land, the radios are out—when the object dropped away from you, the radios came back?
BR:Well after we gained some separation from 'em, yes.
INT:And it's at that point they said the thing landed we want you to go back?
BR:Yeah. Right.
INT:So you had to turn around to go back?
BR:Yes. Yeah we turned around, went back and over flew it and we came back in and landed.
INT:Okay, sorry. Go ahead.
BR:Okay, so anyway, now we'd go around it. By then, you know, we're looking. We're surrounded by the airplane too, close to the ground, you know, things go by real fast so I didn't have a real long time to look at the object, but I could see the part that was—you know, everyone said it was

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