Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:And the object we saw on the ground, you know, it wasn't—well, it was different types of material. It wasn't just a big ball of glowing anything. It had different features to it.
INT:Did it ever demonstrate any other colors other than that sort of orangish?
BR:No, just on the main body part it was just that orangish color. The part, you know, I thought was the cabin, the control center, so forth—now it had colors inside it. I mean the colors I saw really weren't really on the outside. I looked inside; they were back inside.
INT:After this incident did you ever have another incident anything like this?
BR:No. No, I never have.
INT:Have you ever heard of something unusual like this being picked up by a radar operator? I'm curious about plasma balls. The report says a plasma ball was picked up—ball lightning was picked up by radar out there.
BR:No. Well, no. That's just something I field anyway I just steer it and they tell me where to go. So, one time I had a round light follow me around a level route, but it was just a light, but every time I would change course it would change course too. I never got close enough to see anything.
INT:So there was no follow-up? I mean, what about the base commanders must have been worked up over this?
BR:Oh yeah, yeah. They were all excited. Well, I really don't know what all went on, you see. After everything—
INT:Well, I only know it from the correspondence 'cause they [SAC] were telling Quintanilla to give them an explanation quickly to cool this down.
BR:Yeah. So, you know, none of us went over it again. After that debriefing by the general all through the next day, it was never brought up again, you know, in my presence.
INT:Now was that the base commander?
BR:No, it was I really don't remember who the general was. It was someone over our wing and our unit there that came in just for this. It was serious enough, you know, to bring a general officer in to check it out.
INT:Did they check your plane after? Did they check the radar equipment?

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