Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:No, I don't think so. It was sort of shiny and it was lit up a bit.
INT:Was it very bright?
BR:It was, well it's really hard to say. It was readily identifiable. I mean the outline was just as clear as it could be and...
INT:And the coloring was—?
BR:And the coloring was just fine, and looked like sheet metal or something like that. That was just, you know, illuminated real well.
INT:So you over flew that thing quick?
BR:Right. Yeah. See, we went back at about 150, 200 mph, so, you know, within would've been probably 1,000 feet above it. But, you can see objects on the ground real well. It was real clear there on the ground.
INT:So when did the radio come back on again?
BR:Okay, well it went off again then. Because the controllers were asking me, you know if we had it and so forth. I'm talking to them. And then after we went by it and turned towards the runway again then the radios came back in. Of course they had me change and trying different frequencies and everything, but there wasn't anything wrong with the radios. So we were instructed to send one of the crewmembers to tell someone about what we had observed. And since Major Partin's a little bit more senior than I was, being a—I'm not sure whether I was a Lieutenant or a Captain at the time, but anyway he went in to tell what he had seen and so I have no idea what he said. We never discussed it afterwards.
INT:Yeah. Aside from the report?
BR:Yeah right, and—
INT:Can we pause and we'll switch tapes?
BR:Okay. I was graduated. One is Joseph Ralston who's a four-star general. He's the one that would have been the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff if he hadn't have been unfaithful to his wife when they were separated, you know, 11 years earlier. So he'll be head of the allied forces in Europe. Same position that Eisenhower had during the Second World War, so, anyway, one of my classmates is in charge of that now.
INT:Back on. Where were we?

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