Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:Okay, yeah. We had finished our observation and went in and landed and Major Partin went in for the UFO debriefing.
INT:Now, they debriefed you later on?
BR:Yes. Okay, after everyone had been debriefed and the Air Force officials came in that night or the next day, well then we were briefed on what had gone on. So that's when we were told what started it. You want me to—?
INT:Yes, please.
BR:Okay. Well, so while we're out flying around, then an alarm goes off in one of the missile silos and anyway, so turns out that—this is what was told to us at the briefing by a general officer the following day. So Air Police were dispatched to check on the missile alarm and so the first Air Policemen that were sent out didn't check in when it should have so they sent others to check on 'em and the second group found the first group unconscious around their vehicle with the paint burned off the top of the vehicle, and when they came to they said that, you know, something—some object had—they thought it was going to sit down on top of 'em and so they started running. That's the last that they knew, but it didn't squash their vehicle or anything so it didn't sit down on them. But anyway it turns out that the reason that the alarms were set off was the 20-ton concrete lid covering the top of the missile silo had been removed and a chain link fence around the thing had been squashed and there was radioactivity around and the inner alarm down inside of the silo had also been activated. Well, it turns out that there were two ways to remove the concrete lid. You either have a large crane that'd lift 20 tons and set it off to the side, or have explosive charges that blow it off in case one launched a missile to go to war. Explosive charges hadn't been activated.
INT:Right. So these things aren't on a mechanism that—?
BR:No, no it's just sitting—it's just a big concrete lid just sitting on top of it.
INT:In order to fire that missile they have to blow that?
BR:They blow it off. Yeah.
INT:But the thing was moved to the side?
BR:Yeah, it was just off to the side some place. It wasn't on top of it—the missile silo anyway.
INT:Now there's a chain link fence then?

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