Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:Yes. Okay, and so our security personnel were—that I was involved with—would be security for the airplanes themselves, and the missiles had their different security personnel.
INT:I think one thing we want to ask is what the general—did he say anything about what he thought it was?
BR:No. No he didn't. It just got their—it just got his attention. He was real concerned.
INT:And the sequences of events that they—
BR:Okay, I was just looking at it yesterday and as far as I can remember...Yeah I noticed that on my radio talk with the ground control and so forth, they stopped it on our initial approach and they didn't have it going back around again.
INT:Yeah, exactly.
BR:And so I got to thinking, you know, they don't have it in here where, you know, it says we flew over the object. So anyway, you know, that was extra, and then anyway I didn't notice that part.
INT:So there are just a few things that they omitted?
BR:Yeah, they stopped it before we went back over it—instructed to go back around and overfly.
INT:In a way what they reported downplayed the incident.
BR:Yes. It is incomplete, yeah. It would've, you know, say it was on the tape and it would've been on the radio, but, general such and such—actually he came over, he said, "this is general such and such" and I want you to go back and over fly the thing, so that isn't in the radio logs anyway.
INT:Yeah. I mean here's your report that you filed.
BR:Oh, okay. No.
INT:It's pretty minimal.
BR:Well see, I didn't even go in I don't think. They probably just gave me something—[Looking at Partin's AF-117 report form]. Okay. Well, this isn't my writing anyway, so maybe that was Major Partin's there.
INT:Oh, really? Okay, so you didn't do a Blue Book report?

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