Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:Well, they just—according to the records, I don't know. Of course any time there's a malfunction then the maintenance goes over it, but we didn't have any malfunction. Everything was working properly. No, there wasn't anything wrong with the airplane.
INT:Yeah. And you mentioned too that where the thing had sat down, there were radiation readings.
BR:Okay, no. The radiation readings were at the missile silo.
BR:And I'm not sure about what was found, you know where it set on the ground. They did—supposedly they were going to go back out there and check that out but I don't know what they found.
INT:Yeah, because it appears as if something came down smashed the fence?
BR:Oh yeah, right. It just—yeah, there weren't any tracks leading to it.
INT:How tall were those fences?
BR:I just don't know.
INT:10 feet or something?
BR:Yeah, they were supposed to, you know. keep people and animals out.
INT:So something must have come down right on top of it?
BR:Right, yeah, 'cause they said there weren't any tracks leading up to it or away from it—from where it was squashed.
INT:Let's take a short break. [Continues] So and here's your picture. [Looking at Runyon's drawing in the CUFOS questionnaire].
BR:Okay. Oh yeah right. And see—
INT:You're saying you looked down and you saw a light in there?
BR:Okay, yeah. I saw a light in this part here, I couldn't—
INT:Between the egg-shape and the protrusion?

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