Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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INT:Oh really?
BR:Yeah, I was in an elite group.
BR:So anyway, you know, without flying I wouldn't have been promoted as fast as a pilot would be promoted.
INT:So you did one tour in Viet Nam?
BR:Well I had two TDY tours. Instead of sending us over for a year, they sent us over for six months, and then they could send us back at any time without waiting a long period. So I had two TDY tours, one as a co-pilot one and an aircraft commander.
INT:Flying bombing missions?
BR:Yes, uh-huh. Yes. I dropped roughly 3,600 tons of bombs on Viet Nam.
INT:Oh you did? Was that in the South or in the North?
BR:It was all over the part that was in the North. Now, it wasn't supposed to be known about I guess. I was there at the time that we were allowed to bomb the North and Laos and Cambodia. Just anyplace we needed to bomb.
INT:Oh, so you went into Cambodia and dropped?
BR:Oh yeah.
INT:What else could we ask about that? Well you've seen the Blue Book documents. What is your opinion of those?
BR:Oh, it was just a cover up.
INT:What's your opinion of Quintanilla's conclusion that it was a ball of plasma.
BR:No. I don't know anything about plasma, but ball of anything just can't stop like it did and do the things that this thing did.

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