Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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INT:You didn't have any film?
BR:Well, I don't know. See, the navigator's operate that. And usually we do. Well, on bomb runs we were filming our low level routes and everything, so they had film running most all the time.
INT:And you wouldn't—if he had been running film you wouldn't have known about it?
BR:No, I wouldn't have known.
INT:Oh really? They do that separate from you? They don't need your order or anything?
INT:Whenever they want to run film they run film.
BR:Right. Yeah. During important things and they just automatically do it.
INT:Who was the—
BR:The nav team? I can't even remember the crew.
INT:I don't think any of that is listed in here. Maybe they did run film and they didn't want people to know.
INT:Now you had a story too about a fellow in the CIA?
BR:Okay, right. About 4 years ago when I was taking a state test for a state job, there was someone in the group taking a test with me about my age, so I just asked him where he was from or something. Anyway, it turned out that he and I both went to [the same] high school and he was 2 years behind me and there. We had a discussion about where we went after school. I told him I was stationed in the Air Force at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, and he just mentioned that he had been up there too and so I asked if he was in the Air Force also, and he said "No." He said that he was in the CIA, and I said, "Well what was the CIA doing up at Minot?" He said "Well, they sent me up there to investigate an incident between a B-52 and a UFO," and so I told him "Well, I was flying the B-52." So we discussed that a little bit and I mentioned that Project Blue Book had said that there was just a ball of lightning and it wasn't a UFO and he just made this statement, says, "They lied. It was a UFO," so...

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