Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:Yes, uh-uh.
INT:Tight around the silo?
BR:Well, just to keep—mainly to keep animals out and I guess people and a part of it had been flattened. Just squashed. There weren’t any tracks around other than, you know, just right there at the chain link fence.
INT:Now we want to point out that the written account of this sighting doesn’t say anything…
BR:No, this was just told to us. Now that’s why it was such of an important nature to the Air Force, because of the missiles they had checked out.
INT:But in there they said that errors had regularly—or not regularly, but had incidents at one or two times where they didn’t have a good control over the keys that gave access to the silo, to the perimeter fence and airmen sometimes—Air Police sometimes unlocked those as either a prank or— not as a prank, but probably as some way to get even with their superiors—cause a lot of paperwork.
INT:And they said in the paperwork that they didn’t consider this a serious matter.
BR:Well, you know, like I said, you just could step on a line where you’re not supposed to be and you’re escorted at gun point, but with the two-man policy no one person is around anything having to do with a nuclear weapon without a second person observing him. Plus, you know, it involves keys and everything else.
INT:Oh yeah? It’s hard to imagine that keys were not under strict control.
BR:Right. And I’m not even sure what the keys would have anything to do with a missile out there where it was anyway, ‘cause there isn’t any access to the missile. I mean you just have the ring of the 10 missile silos around the command center where there were keys and combination locks to get into the command center, which is underground. But these missiles were just out there in the fields with fences around them and concrete lids sitting on top of them.
INT:But they don’t worry about them too much.

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