Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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INT:I'm saying it's hard to believe that that thing just 'Whoom!' and hit your speed.
BR:Right. Yeah, that's true.
INT:Would he have missed that deceleration?
BR:No, 'cause it was—it just came too fast and you know, they were watching it and, anyway they probably— it wasn't going to slow down at all, then all of a sudden it just stopped right there and stayed right with us at this same spot.
INT:They were prepared to eject—
BR:Yeah. Yeah they were. And we were too.
INT:Oh, from the plane?
BR:Yeah right, we thought it was going to impact us.
INT:So from the first time that he saw the object, how long did it take for it to get up next to you?
BR:It was a matter of seconds, but I just don't know.
INT:Yeah, but he didn't watch it for a couple of minutes and then...
INT:It was just coming at you—
BR:Yes, uh-huh.
INT:So it came into the radar range and he saw it?
BR:Yeah. Of course I'm not sure what he had his radar scope set for—what range, but you know, they'd set 'em for different ranges for different things, but they probably had a very long field of view at that time. Well, when we're down low-level then you'd set it for 10 miles, or a 10-mile range, but at the high-level it would have been for a lot more than that.
INT:Okay. So you had the regular pilot there, right?
BR:Yes. Right.
INT:The check pilot [Partin]. And you said that the regular pilot left?

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