Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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BR:No, they don't. Right. A person can go up there and drive a truck, drive right over the top of it unless they don't do anything.
INT:All that happened that night?
BR:Yes. Uh-huh.
INT:After your sighting or—?
BR:No, it was before my sighting.
INT:Oh, okay.
BR:But that's why, you know, everyone was up in arms and that's why they had us go out and see what's going on.
INT:Why did they tell you the next day?
BR:Okay, why'd they tell us what?
INT:About the incidents with the missile.
BR:Oh, because it was—well, I'm sure they didn't tell everyone. They just, you know, told people with top-secret security clearances and it was just such a matter of importance that involves national security whenever you have your nuclear missiles tampered with.
INT:Yeah. Okay.
BR:Well some—they mentioned that some of the Air Police on the ground at one of the command centers saw the UFO. They saw us go over one time and they saw the UFO go up and join up with us.
INT:A number of them did?
BR:Yes. Yeah, there were 14 different situations that—
INT:Yeah. The report is interesting because it says something about the ground radar didn't really have an object on it.
BR:Yeah, well the ground radar vectored us to the thing and then it vectored us over it again.
INT:Do you think there's anyway that they could've vectored you on the object without radar?

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