Bradford Runyon Interview, 5 May 2000

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INT:So, in other words the CIA was involved?
INT:You had tried to locate this person again?
BR:I just looked in my annual. It just went back to the one class behind me and I'm pretty sure he said that he was two classes behind me. And I looked for his phone number in the phone book and I didn't see his name in there, but he could have lived anywhere in the area and still—it was an area-wide test, so he could have come from any number of towns from around. He could probably be located with the—
INT:When you graduated from high school, was it—
BR:1960, so he would have been the class of '62.
INT:Also, is James Partin still alive?
BR:Oh yeah. Well, I'd say he's probably 10 years older than I am, so he's probably—you could always call Delta Airlines and get Don Cagle's address and see if he wants to say anything. Now he's probably retired.
INT:He was hiding in the back?
BR:He was hiding in the back, yeah.
INT:What does he know? Well he knew the first part of it, right?
BR:Oh yeah. He knew enough to go back and hide.
INT:I mean what did he say at the time?
BR:He said he wasn't going to be involved with seeing it. Yeah, he just said, "I have an interview with Delta tomorrow and I'm not going to look at any UFOs."
INT:In your time with the Air Force you never had any other incidents?
BR:Not UFO incidents. No.
INT:Was the scuttlebutt that seeing an UFO was bad for your career?
BR:Of course. Yeah.

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