Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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TT:Was that a special designation?
JJ:Well, they were shorthanded at the time and they were pulling guys off the regular—they had to pull one day of duty—when they couldn't reset a site. I was on a Camper Team and only once had to pull it. Yeah, I didn't like that. (laughs)
TT:I mean what, sitting in the truck the whole time?
JJ:No. You had to make your checks.
TT:Oh, they kept you moving.
JJ:Oh yeah. You didn't know what was going on, whether you were being watched, 'cause they did actually infiltrate a site, and I put a guy on the fence (laughs)...
TT:Oh yeah?
JJ:I caught hell for it, but I was doing my job.
TT:Yeah. Oh you mean, somebody from outside the base?
JJ:It was in the support building—one of the Lieutenants, oh yeah. When the Squadron themselves ran the tests you didn't know...
TT:They were testing you?
JJ:Oh yeah.
TT:Oh, OK. So they, oh, so you were sitting out there and they sent a guy out to go into the Soft Support...
JJ:No, we weren't sitting out there, they'd actually infiltrate a site you know, this was all coordinated to see your response time and see if you ran the checks right and everything.
TT:Oh, so you found this Lieutenant out there.
JJ:Oh yeah, I put him on the fence.
TT:Do you carry a gun?
JJ:Yeah, yeah.
TT:That's kinda dangerous. I'd hate to be the guy doing the testing.
JJ:(Laughs). Well, he gave us high marks for it so evidently we did it well.
TT:How often did they do that, just periodically?
JJ:Ah, they didn't do that one too often because of the weather up there, you know.
TT:Yeah, huh. Did you guys interact with the Targeting Teams when they'd come out to the sites?
JJ:No, we kept their distance.
TT:So they probably had their own separate security detail?
JJ:Oh yeah.

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