Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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TT:You don't recall if you heard that on the radio at the time or after?
JJ:I don't know if they were on the same frequency as us or not. I think they were.
TT:I believe they were into your phone patch...
TT:The only way I know that is because there's an actual log from the Base Operations Dispatcher. He kept a log of all you guys talking you know, coincident, and he talks about Smith in there, so he must have had Smith on there. He had Mike on there, Juliet, Bond was on there, and the B-52 control tower, RAPCON so...
JJ:The missile wing probably...
TT:Probably but see, there's no information—that's sort of the higher guys listening...
JJ:Yeah, yeah.
TT:Were you aware that anybody up in the higher echelons was paying attention to what was going on at the time?
JJ:Oh, I figured with the amount of people that were involved this wasn't going to be swept under the rug. And then I think when we were debriefed by a Lieutenant Colonel, I don't know if he was the Base Ops guy or what, but the forms we filled in the interview were done by him, and he had told us a lot of the stuff such as the size of this thing. Definitely saw something, and you know...
TT:When did he do that, the next day?
JJ:When we came in, I think it was—I don't know if we were scheduled to come in that morning. I don't remember if we had another night or not.
TT:My impression is that you guys were out there at least for another day, maybe two.
JJ:That's possible.
TT:Yeah, your report form, your date on that is the 25th or 26th [actually 25th Oct], and probably when you came in you filled it out.
TT:So you did some security checks and then went back to N-1?
TT:Do you recall that drive back? Anything happen during that drive back?
JJ:No, I was watching. I was excited about it. In fact, I had made light of the thing with this guy [Adams] because he needed it after this, because like I said, he was...
TT:...he was scared or he just didn't want to be involved?
JJ:Yeah, he said he was too short for this stuff, you know, meaning time left in the service. I forget if he was in 'Nam or, he was somewhere in the east I think, and this was new to him. He had just probably went through school and everything, and they probably put him out there to serve a couple months, or a little less than a year maybe, he didn't know why he

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