Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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TT:If people wanted to access that site it was usually maintenance, Targeting Team, I suppose that's about it?
TT:I suppose the maintenance guys, basically they just what, called in and you just verified that they were on the site? Or would that have to come to the—
JJ:Oh, they'd have to come to the—everybody had the code, the code pages too you had to authenticate with the capsule crew.
TT:So they'd bring their codes and keys, they'd have to come and talk to the FSC?
JJ:Well, over the radio, yeah.
TT:Right, you'd assist the maintenance guys if they needed help?
JJ:Well, if there was a maintenance team on the site, there had to be security there too.
TT:So OK, you had to be there.
JJ:Well, it wouldn't be me it would be, you know, someone that would come up with them from the base I assume.
TT:Yeah, if they're opening the silo.
TT:But if they go into Soft Support...
JJ:No, they'd do the authentication and everything, and they'd do everything through the capsule crew. And if it didn't look right to the capsule crew, then they'd dispatch us.
TT:Right. So you'd do 12 hours on, 12 hours off. All six of you would be out there for three days and all six of you would go back, and a new team of six would come in?
JJ:Right. Plus the capsule crew so it'd be a total of eight. Well, actually, nine with the site maintenance guy, the janitor or whatever you want to call him. And a cook too so that's ten.
JJ:You said you were at those sites, recently?
TT:Oh yeah, they are still active. They have Minuteman III's.
JJ:Yeah, they were deposturing or whatever when I was there.
TT:They got triple warhead MIRV out there now. Yeah, Grand Forks is closed down but Malmstrom and Minot and I think Whiteman and the one up in Wyoming, F.E. Warren? So the security alarms would go off on a periodic basis?
JJ:Yeah, they would always... like I said...
TT:You'd have 6, 7, 8 of them a night or something? I saw some of the figures and I was amazed at how often they were going off. But now it was usually just the outer alarms?
TT:I mean, did you respond to inner alarm?
JJ:We responded to both.

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