Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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site and you were in it as if someone was on site. The Leader would actually go into the support building.
TT:Soft Support. Oh, so you had a key for that too.
JJ:I don't remember now.
TT:Well, you must have, how else would you get in there?
JJ:I don't know if there was a combination lock or—
TT:Ah, OK. But those are the two areas you could access, right?
TT:You couldn't access the hatch for the silo?
TT:You had no keys. They didn't give you the combos for that?
JJ:No, but part of the check, you had to actually lift the—what was it? I can't think of that now, part of the check was seeing and lifting that door, that hatch to see if that combo launch facility was tampered with or whatever.
TT:How would you know if it was tampered with? So there was a hatch, what type, was it a metal door?
JJ:I believe there was.
TT:Or was it like a Navy hatch?
JJ:I think that might have had a lock on it too.
TT:Yeah, if you had to access the silo you know, the missile...
JJ:There was no way you could. No, we were just security. Actually, the support building was the closest we'd ever get to and that wasn't me. That was the other guy, he went down there and made his check to see if the generator...
TT:How did you designate—?
JJ:By rank. See now you got me thinking about that, I don't even know. All I know is we had to authenticate to get on the site, and whether that was us opening the gate or not, and they put site lights on for us.
TT:That's basically, the FSC calls the control guys underground, tells them to turn the lights?
JJ:Right, it was all done by the capsule crew.
TT:Yeah, they really were in charge of the security out there, weren't they?
JJ:Well yeah, monitoring the alarms and everything. They'd phone up and call the desk Sergeant and he'd dispatch us. Everything was two-man policy you know.
TT:Yeah. So you never did rotate? I suppose then you got familiar with the problems in that area...
JJ:Where all the sites were too.
TT:Yeah. Were you ever on a camper team?

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