Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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TT:That's you guys right there so N-7's right down here, so yeah, you were northwest. There was a Camper Team over here at Oscar-6, McDowell and Johnson...
JJ:Vennedall (laughs) [pronounces: "veen-a-doll"]
TT:Did you know him?
JJ:Yeah. Unfortunately, I don't know if it was after that or what, he got busted. His .38 went off in the house I guess—fell asleep in a chair and it fell and went off and he lost his stripes.
TT:Did you know Bajiar?
JJ:Bajiar, yeah.
TT:I think he's deceased.
JJ:[Pauses looking at map] Gregory Adams. Yeah I can remember taking that ride (laughs)—actually November-4 was between the LCF and I thought that [N-7] was the closest base—but it was November-7. You're talking 37 years ago.
TT:Yeah. So the B-52 comes by and then do you recall what that B-52 did?
JJ:He just basically hung there and made his turns and I guess they identified it too, and then they picked it up and then they lost it and they wanted to know where it was in relation to where they were, and you know—"He's on your right wing now"—as soon as they made a turn, the thing was behind them (gestures maneuvering) and it just played games with them, I don't know.
TT:Yeah. You were in radio contact so you were listening to that the whole time?
JJ:I was talking to all of them (laughs), the adrenaline was pumping, you know.
TT:OK, so the B-52 was around there and you could see it for a while...
JJ:Oh yeah.
TT:How could you distinguish it?
JJ:By the lights.
TT:So it had its landing lights on.
TT:Could you hear it?
JJ:Oh yeah. Hear only that, I mean, I didn't hear any other noise...
TT:The maintenance guys mentioned in their reports that the object made a sound, kind of a muffled jet sound...
JJ:A faint, yeah. Once the 52 got there though, there was no way you'd be able to hear...
TT:Do you remember seeing the 52 and the object at the same time?
JJ:Oh yeah, yeah.
TT:Relative to each other? How?

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