Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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JJ:Right. It's when it was hovering that you could actually see all these (gestures), all these pretty lights and everything you know. That's when it was staying in one place. But when it actually went to move you might see a little white, and then nothing—blank you know, and then here it is over here (gestures to upper right), then here it is over here (gestures to upper left) I mean...
TT:That's the first time I heard anybody describe it that way.
TT:Now I understand better the confusion.
JJ:Right. That's why it was so hard to get this 52 to you know—where is he now? I mean, good question! (laughs)
TT:That's like an otter in the lake...
JJ:Yeah! Right.
TT:...when they go under the water, you never know where they're coming up next. OK here's the Base Operations Dispatcher, and I'm pretty sure he's referring to you guys who were in your vehicle on your way back to N-1—time's about 4:40 [reading] "At that time N-7 picked up object again, 3 miles west of site. Stationary, seems to be on the ground, lights bright orange, then illuminated to white, then white disappeared and green came on." That ring any bells?
TT:And then these are his final entries here "04:44: Disappeared." "04:45. In sight—stationary position." At 5:04: "Object has moved—still west of N-7. Now stationary once more." At this point it has moved quite a bit to be in the west. And at 5:10: "2 miles east of N-7—object still 5 miles west of him approximately 50 feet off ground stationary green lights." Were you on the radio as you were driving back up there, did you continue to be in contact?
JJ:I don't recall.
TT:Yeah, and what they're saying is, "object still 5 miles west...
JJ:Which is possible because they would not just let us ride around, I mean we would have to return. I don't see them just going out for a joy ride watching the sky, we were still following lights.
TT:Yeah, right. Here's you again [reading] "When the plane had started to travel to the base and after it was out of sight, we had also started back to N-1. Our attention was again caught when it appeared approximately 5 miles due west where it remained until it disappeared about 15 minutes later." So you're driving north and this thing would be to your west and you watched it, apparently you watched it, it was "...5 miles due west where it remained until it disappeared..." 15 minutes afterward, so, that would have been almost your whole drive up...
TT:That thing was sitting on the horizon at what you thought to be 5 miles away. So that's you, oh "It had appeared as before, starting bright orange-red to white and finally green. The

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