Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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JJ:Oh yeah, then you had base ORI, which took everybody into consideration. You had inspectors in, you know. It was kind of interesting. I don't regret it, you meet some great people and everything.
TT:So when you first came to Minot, explain to us how that happened.
JJ:Well you had classes there and everything in missile operation. You had more school there than before you were actually assigned. I got assigned to November Flight.
TT:How much schooling, for a few months?
JJ:Ah, I'd say weeks.
TT:A few weeks? So they were just training you on the specific systems there?
JJ:Oh yeah, the coding and, you know.
TT:Yeah. So then you got a certification?
JJ:Yeah, yeah.
TT:Explain to me the classification A-1-C, I'm not real clear on that.
JJ:Oh, now you got me, Airman First Class, I don't even know what—Airman Second Class I believe was one stripe, Airman First Class was two and then they had a change where Airman First Class was actually Sergeant, became Sergeant, that was three stripes.
TT:And then beyond that what?
JJ:Staff Sergeant.
TT:All right. And beyond that, it was then Master Sergeant and Tech Sergeant?
JJ:Yeah, Tech Sergeant, see, you know more than I do (laughs). Now this maintenance guy, he was a Senior Master Sergeant, I mean, he had chevrons (gesturing along right upper arm) to see him going berserk when all this happened you know...
TT:We haven't had a chance to talk to him. Were you guys always assigned to November Flight?
TT:So then you didn't go to Oscar, Juliet—move around?
JJ:No. Unless there was a shortage or something, you know, it would be a temporary assignment.
TT:You guys always worked with the same people?
JJ:Pretty much but that changed too. You had people come in like this Adams guy, he had months left to go in the service, and why they put him in that I don't know.
TT:Just while we're talking about him you don't remember where his family is from do you? Was he African-American?
JJ:I believe he was. I could be wrong' cause I was thinking it was the guy on the other shift, you know, the guys that were working days—the off-duty guys.

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