Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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JJ:Only as far as, you know (gesturing right) it to the right of them (gesturing left), then would be hanging up to the left of them. By the time that 52 turned, made a turn it was behind them again you know.
TT:OK how did the B-52 disappear?
JJ:They just started going back to the base. The next thing you know, this thing wasn't there any more. The debriefing was actually how I found out that this thing was actually following them back to the base.
TT:Yeah, you guys are seeing one thing and they're coming in, they're like 40 miles out and they got one pacing their wing. So it looks like there's two objects out there, not just one. And they look to be pretty similar.
JJ:Only (laughs, shaking head) they said it was the size of a KC [-135] and a 52 together on the radar, base radar.
TT:So the B-52 disappears, then what do you do?
JJ:He and I...
TT:It's still you four guys out there?
JJ:Two guys, just me and him.
TT:What about the maintenance guys?
JJ:They went about their business I guess. After that and he and I...
TT:Do you remember them being, staying on the site?
JJ:Pretty sure they did.
TT:But you don't have much recall of them at that point?
JJ:No, because he and I had, what, four more hours on our shift so we patrolled after that and watched the sky.
TT:Yeah. So you stayed on the site there?
JJ:For a short time. I mean we basically went on patrol after that.
TT:Oh, you checked the sites and so forth. Some of the other ones, too?
JJ:Yeah, because we had heard what was going on at Oscar too. I don't know if they told us to stay out you know...
TT:How did you hear that, and at what point did you hear that?
JJ:I don't know. We heard it at the time that they were having inner zone—they had an inner zone I believe it was, because the launch door was actually tampered with and the gates were wide open. Another thing, I guess somebody from Wright-Patterson had to come out the next day and found all this radiation.
TT:Oh, you did know that.
JJ:Yeah, on the site so I don't know if it was after the fact or when we got back to the thing if Bond told us that, you know "Oscar's having" you know, you hear about Oscar or whatever, that they had an IZ.

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