Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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TT:Like how many? More than ten?
JJ:Oh yeah. This is when we first started out you know, then we focused mainly on that site because we were getting more in a straight line and then we weren't seeing any more of them.
TT:Well in the official report it talks about that, on your way down that you're seeing...
JJ:Did I put that?
TT:I can't remember if it's somebody else talking about it, or if it's you, but at some point you saw two objects and one came under the other and disappeared.
JJ:Yeah, yeah.
TT:... it's similar to what you're describing, but not as involved as what you're describing. It sounds like only a couple of objects.
JJ:Like it had separated...
TT:But on the other hand, there were reports from Juliet, Mike, and Oscar who all saw more than one object. They could have triangulated that if the investigators had tried to determine the angle of elevation you know, they could have pinpointed where that thing was. Do you think there was more than one object there that morning?
JJ:There was one when we got there. Whether it became one (moves hands together) I don't know.
TT:At what point did the B-52 appear relative to what we've talked about so far?
JJ:They told us that a 52 was on the way.
TT:This is later now?
JJ:This is probably after [pauses] 15-20 minutes of being there.
TT:At the site.
JJ:Right, they had diverted a 52 to help them out—to tell them where this thing was. I think they were picking it up anyway, every time the 52 took a turn—the thing was over here (gestures position in sky), then it was over here (gestures different position in sky). And I mean it just moved like nothing I ever saw.
TT:How long did you observe the B-52 in the area?
JJ:The 52 had to stay there at least 10 minutes.
TT:Where did you first see it? You're at N-[7] basically looking south, right?
JJ:It would have to be south, see, I don't even know in relation... where was November, was it south?
TT:I can show you actually [pointing to map] there's the base...
JJ:All right. So we were actually west of the base?
TT:Yeah, you were northwest [pointing to map]. This is Oscar, that's November right here.
JJ:Yeah, we were...

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