Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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JJ:Yeah, and there was a guy by the name of Kerry Snuggs from North Carolina. Was he mentioned at all?
TT:No, that's the first time we've heard that name.
JJ:Now, when this was happening, when these guys were screaming—because they had come to the LCF to get food and gas, fuel up before they went there, you know, whatever they needed.
TT:Oh, the maintenance team.
JJ:Yeah, they weren't at that site a half hour when all this started, I mean, everybody came outside. What I'm saying is Snuggs and everybody they all came outside. November-7 is visible, you know, it's flat (gestures indicating flat land). You could see the lights you know, being a Big Sky country and no trees you could see everything from the LCF.
TT:So you could...
JJ:We were outside watching the lights and everything.
TT:But that's 10 miles south of you, that's quite a ways [9.5 miles according to the grid map].
JJ:I thought it was the closest flight, but you know—
TT:There was another guy with you, who was the other off-duty SAT Team member?
JJ:That was Les Akre, he was from St. Cloud.
TT:Do you recall the off-duty FSC?
JJ:No, I don't. It might have been Harris.
TT:How about James Bond?
JJ:He was my boss. He was the desk Sergeant [Staff Sergeant].
TT:He was on duty that night.
JJ:Yeah, right.
TT:OK. So let's talk a little about your regular duties as a security policeman. You had three days on, three days off, was that it constantly?
TT:What'd you do on your days off?
JJ:Well, they didn't give you much time. They always had training, and, like I said, you had base ORI's, you had Squadron ORI's. SAC Headquarters which was at Offutt, and they flew in unannounced, in fact, I went on leave once, I had to get a room at the Ramada Inn to make sure. How I got off base I don't know, but I had a room at the Ramada Inn right across from the airport there (laughs) that was the only way, you know, because once the ORI hit, nobody could get off base.
TT:When you report what's the process for getting out there? Can you walk us through that?
JJ:They used to have busses take us out, but most of the time they were choppers—
TT:You'd report to where, the missile wing or base operations?

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