Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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TT:Yeah. Did you at any time, besides the B-52; did you see any other aircraft during that whole time?
JJ:No, 52's on the base you could hear them coming in all the time—there's a lot of noise. That's why, you know, I'm not sure how far the base was, had to be 30 miles? You'd never hear aircraft up there anyway.
TT:So the B-52's had regular routes around the base...
JJ:Yeah, well the 52 had to be low too, I mean, he wasn't way up there, he was...
TT:If he was at 20,000 would you even see him?
JJ:Probably not.
TT:Yeah. So he had to be down below maybe 10...
JJ:Yeah. That's why when you ask me in relationship, who knows? This thing could have been above him from my perspective rather than right at the same level.
TT:Were you aware of the fact that at some point this thing landed? At any point in your experience did you see it, or know that it landed?
JJ:Like I said, Adams and I—every time we saw a light in the sky, (laughs) I mean, we were riding around you know, and I made light of the situation that—remember the show The Invaders?
TT:Yeah, of course.
JJ:Anyway I said to Adams the people up there were aliens, I said, 'you know, it looked like they landed in a barn at one point...I mean bright lights (gestures coming down). But you don't know because of the elevation of the roads and everything whether if it's a vehicle, I mean it's pretty dark out there. We were over the ground and as far as it landing I don't know. Once the 52 went back, I don't think we really saw anything you know, viable after that.
TT:Yeah. [Reading from the documents] "When first dispatched..." this is you, "When first dispatched to N-7 another object exactly the same appeared out of the east and had picked up speed on a path moving toward the other. Never did see the two join or meet as the second one disappeared and no longer could be seen." Adams concurs, "when enroute to N-7, another object appeared, same as the first one, they seemed to get pretty close at one time, and all of a sudden one disappeared."
TT:You have any thoughts about that?
JJ:That's probably what happened. I mean, my recollection has probably dimmed. I mean there was so much going on at once.
TT:Here's a description of the object that you gave. [Reading from Jablonski's AF-117 report form]. "Object was self-luminous with glowing orange-red, white, greenish alternating, and at times combinations could be seen. Object appeared rather solid although not very wide and slender in shape, edges were fuzzy, lights were much too bright to determine the exact shape, the object appeared much brighter than a star." In terms of the movement and in response to whether this was due to your movement," you noted, "No, not due to our movement but the behavior pattern of the phenomenon. Object appeared a orangish-red

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