Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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JJ:No, well maybe it could be Aurora Borealis for all we know.
TT:No, I'm saying, you know I would think at night you could see Minot out there for a long distance...
JJ:No, I don't recall that. Anyway for, within a half hour they were, you could hear them on the radio yelling and you know...
TT:Oh they called?
JJ:Yeah that this thing was hovering above them or whatever. And we all went outside. Naturally, me and the other guy had to respond. On our way to the pick up, you know, everyone else was outside and you could see it (gestures to sky).
TT:So the off-duty guys were out there too?
JJ:Yeah, yeah....
TT:And the FSC?
JJ:Well, he was in contact with the, he had to stay...
TT:Ah, so you guys just went outside and you were trying to see it—what they were talking about.
TT:Do you recall what they told you they were seeing in any specifics?
JJ:No, they were hysterical (laughs) like I said. Oh yeah, you could see it. And me and the other guy got in the pickup and started going down there...
TT:How long would it take you to get down there?
JJ:Probably within 15—maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes.
TT:OK. How fast could you drive on those dirt roads?
JJ:Well, we were going pretty, pretty good—they were all dirt roads.
TT:You drove a pickup down.
JJ:Yeah. Actually, he was driving because he was leader. But he wanted no part of this (laughs).
TT:Yeah, explain that, what do you mean? Adams...
JJ:He was hysterical too.
TT:He was? Adams? I mean let's go back, did you guys see what they were seeing from N-7...
JJ:Oh yeah, we saw the lights.
TT:What were they doing?
JJ:Just lights hanging above the site (gestures indicating large light in sky). You could see the site lights plus this thing above it, alternating, you know, all kinds of pretty colors (laughs). And, we got there and they were hysterical, I mean the site was wide open we drove right in.
TT:But did [the light] remain there the whole time you drove down?

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