Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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lighted, seemed to switch to almost completely white and there was some green. This pattern was not always the same, and at certain times a combination of all could be seen at once. Object at first seemed to hover, then move away, speed up always alternating in color, then lights would vanish, then return some five minutes later."
TT:Adams responded, "Our movement had no relationship to appearing and disappearing of UFO. UFO seemed to assume a stationary position at first, then a hovering position, it would speed up. The reddish-orange light kept changing, white and occasionally green lights were self-luminous and very bright, size and shape hard to distinguish. I could never distinguish the shape because of the bright light, however, it seemed to be shaped as a wiener."
JJ:Yeah. I can go along with that.
TT:"This is the best description I can give, but I am completely, I am not completely sure of the shape." And you guys made some drawings too. And later you say, [reading] "At the time when the B-52 entered the vicinity, the object had various maneuvers which occurred basically in one general area. It stayed pretty well south southeast of the launch facility..."
JJ:LF, yeah.
TT:[reading] "...but had several times started northward and westward."
TT:That make sense? It's moving northward and westward but seems to be returning back to the south southwest?
JJ:Right, right...
TT:[Reading from Jablonski's AF-117]. "For some reason it appeared to be trying to travel west but we never did see it take the direct path." Do you know what that means?
JJ:Because the lights were not always on it. When it made a move you know, it was without the lights.
TT:Oh really?
JJ:Right. That's what was so tough with the 52 because they wanted coordinates and everything, but when the lights were off you could not see it, you know, as dark as it was. Only when it's lights were on you know...
TT:You're talking about the B-52 now.
JJ:No the object.
TT:So your impression was the thing was there all the time but it, the lights would go on and off so you couldn't see it when the lights went off.
TT:...then the lights would go back on.
JJ:When it made a move it's usually when the lights were off.
TT:Oh, and then the light would appear in another spot.

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