Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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TT:So they remained in a similar position.
JJ:It was like the headlights of the truck were like [pauses]. I don't even know if I put this in my report, but I saw lights coming off that, like smaller—smaller craft, going like (gestures horizontal, back and forth flight). I kept pointing out to him (excitedly) "Look at that, look at it!" I mean I was 21 years old the adrenaline was pumping. Someone said to me, "Were you scared?" I was too excited to be scared. When we got there, you know to see a man with that rank running, I mean they were all telling us "Shoot it Shoot it!"
TT:They were?
JJ:...when we pulled up. Right.
TT:Shoot it? It's that close?
JJ:Evidently, it was close in the beginning but then it moved off, but it stayed in the vicinity you know it gained altitude or whatever, and you could not hear any engines.
TT:Yeah. Now, what were you seeing on your drive down?
JJ:I was seeing smaller things...
TT:Out of your windshield, straight ahead?
JJ:Every time we turned, lights you know (gestures side to side) it's like they knew we were coming (laughs).
TT:Explain that.
JJ:Whatever it was knew that someone else was coming you know, that there was a response, that's what I thought. And I saw all these other things, I mean you're talking (waves arm indicating wide sky) a big sky there and I was pointing it out to him and he says "Don't even..." (chuckles). He didn't want no part of this, I mean I ended up doing most of the talking on the radio.
TT:Were you in charge of the radio or was it Adams?
JJ:He was supposed to be. Yeah, well this is after we got there and we had told them we arrived and everything and you know, watched all these guys running around like...
TT:So were they on a radio and you guys were on a separate radio?
JJ:They were originally, I believe, and when we got there we took over because we were talking to my boss—the capsule crew, I mean there were so many people on that radio that...
TT:Who else, do you recall?
JJ:People from the Squadron, people at the base, then when they scramb—then when they diverted the 52, I was talking to the 52 people.
TT:You were talking to the pilot?
JJ:Uh, somebody...
TT:Talking back and forth, or listening to it?

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