Joseph P. Jablonski Interview, 22 February 2005

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object was stationary at the time and had appeared approximately 1,000 feet off the ground. The green light started to diminish slowly until no longer seen."
TT:Like the green light just...
TT:"Jablonski again described the object at the time of their last sighting, as previously stated although the object appeared to be solid matter, the illumination rendered no logical shape to be determined. It had appeared quite slim and not very wide. The object appeared to move more westerly each time, but never could be seen in the westerly direction until the last and final illumination at 5:10 lasting until approximately 5:18 when it no longer could be seen."
JJ:Huh. You know I forget all that. I forget the length of the report I mean...
TT:Well, you saw that thing until 5:18.
JJ:Right, right.
TT:You first saw it at 3:08, so you guys watched it for over two hours and 10 minutes.
TT:Here's Bond, [reading from Bond's AF-117]. Bond responded to the same question regarding how it disappeared. "Appeared to land and slowly changed to a dim green. After about 15 minutes it disappeared (gradually)." So while you guys were driving up he saw the exact same thing you were seeing...or I suppose you were talking...
JJ:Oh we would have to be because, like I said, we would not be just out there on our own.
[Transcript end]

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