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Sign Oral History Project

Oral History Interview with
Joseph P. Jablonski (USAF Airman First Class, ret.)

November-Security Alert Team,
862nd Security Police Squadron,
Minot AFB, 24 October 1968

Date: 22 February 2005
Interviewer: Thomas Tulien

TRT: 124 minutes
Format: M-DV (2)

Copyright: AFS/Dialogue Productions LLC, Sign Oral History Project and Jim Klotz.

This is a transcript of a tape-recorded interview conducted for the Sign Oral History Project and is essentially a transcript of the spoken, rather than the written word.

This oral history transcript may be read, quoted from, cited, and reproduced for purposes of research. It may not be published in whole or part except by permission of the copyright holder.

Thomas Tulien
Sign Oral History Project

JJ: Joseph Jablonski
TT: Tom Tulien
[tape start]
JJ:... that much I did know and simultaneously, what was happening at Oscar Flight, was the site actually broken into and the launch [inaudible] was messed with, I guess.
TT:You did know that?
TT:Are you from this area originally?
JJ:I'm actually from Lackawanna, which is further north originally. You heard of The Lackawanna Six? The al-Quaida guys, that's where I'm from just south of Buffalo.
TT:Give us a little bit of your background, how you got into the military, and then at what point you left the military...
JJ:Well, I just enlisted in March of '67 and, because the Draft was on everybody's tail, I thought I'd have a choice, more of a choice. Unfortunately at the time, most people were

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