Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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JK:So that faces south doesn't it and you could see it in front of you at that time?
MI:No, I think the site was off to the side. That would have been, what we were on was undoubtedly a farmer's road, and the site, if I remember right, was off to the right side of us and we eventually went on the site I know, and one of us went down and authenticated with the LCF, although I don't really remember doing that, and then I guess at that point we watched it for quite some time and it seemed to stay in the general vicinity of the site off to the, probably to the south of us, and to the east of us and at least once, maybe more, it passed, seemed like it was passing pretty close overhead, and it was at one of these times that I heard just maybe some air noise or something that an aircraft might make, definitely didn't hear any—I don't remember hearing any jet engines it was just more of something moving through the—just an air noise I guess.
TT:You mean more like a helicopter would make perhaps?
MI:No just maybe something... maybe what a plane would make going through the air without its engines on—just the air movement across the wings or whatever.
TT:You're sitting there watching this thing for over a period of time, and what you're telling us is it moved, seemed to be in the south and southeast, and you said at one point it seemed to go overhead?
MI:Yeah it, it came pretty close overhead.
TT:You're seeing a light?
TT:So when it was overhead the light was big?
MI:No, it wasn't any bigger I don't believe, and I don't really remember what—it seemed like after we got to the site, it didn't seem, if I remember, the light didn't seem as bright after we got to the site, that it may have even been hard to see part of the time.
JK:Was the security light at the site on?
MI:Yeah, I'm sure it was, which probably—
JK:Today, that's a single floodlight on a pole?
MI:Yeah, that's what it was at the time too. Yeah the light would have been on at the site.
TT:Those lights must always be on?
MI:Well, I'm not sure, I don't think they are. I think that's one thing you did when you got there, the LCF turned it on for you. I think it is, because they (chuckles) would flash it

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