Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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there, why?" And we said, "Oh, there's a light right out here that seems to be following us," or staying with us, or whatever—
TT:So you were driving 30 miles an hour cruising down a gravel road and this thing is what, pacing you along the side?
MI:Yeah, it's just staying off to the side, it seemed like that it—
TT:Let me ask you this, you've got trees up there?
MI:There could've been some trees, but for the most part there are no trees up there.
TT:You're saying it was pacing you would it have been up above the horizon line?
MI:Yeah, it would've been up above the horizon line, now whether we could see—probably there was nothing to really, it was hard at all times to determine how far away, you know, for whatever reasons, there wasn't ever a good fix in my mind as to how far this thing was from us. So you know, it just seemed to stay with us, and at times, at that time seemed pretty close to us, close enough that it would have been following us and nothing else, you know. For whatever reason, it seemed to be staying with us, so—
TT:And then again, what gave you the impression that it was following you? Would you say pacing you?
MI:Well, it wasn't really behind, it was off to the side of us and it just seemed to be staying at the same speed we were.
TT:For how long did that happen?
MI:It probably couldn't have been too far down that road to that site so, maybe you know, 10 or 15 minutes, and at this point in time that's a wild guess.
JK:In one of the forms [Form 117] it says something about stopping the vehicle and turning the lights out, and then turning the lights back on and then proceeding, do you recall anything like that?
MI:I don't recall that at all but that's very possible that we did that, and it seemed like, I don't remember when they patched us into Base Operations, whether it was after we got to the missile site, because it seemed like they talked to us—Transportation Control, talked to us for a short time, and I think they had called Base Operations to see if there might be an aircraft in the area. Base Operations apparently was real interested in it 'cause I do remember having some conversation with Transportation Control for a while because finally he said "Well, I'm gonna patch you in, Base Operations wants to talk with you directly, and I'm gonna patch you in with them," and that was probably about the time we got to the site, which would, I'm pretty sure we stayed outside the site for a while, just at the gate maybe for a while and watched the thing and then—

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