Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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MI:Yeah, they would be, they'd take us out by helicopter sometimes. Not very often, but if they had no way to get you out there and they wanted to get you out there fast, they—I went out a few times on the helicopter, quite a few times, but most of the time if you went out it was because they had another reason to go out there too. I remember going out there on a helicopter a lot more times than I ever remember coming back on a helicopter 'cause they were quick to get you out there but they didn't necessarily want to get you back on a helicopter (laughs).
JK:So if the weather was bad they would fly crews out?
MI:Well the missile crews if the weather was good they almost always went by helicopter especially to the further sites. Everybody else went by truck most all the time.
JK:Would I be wrong if I said that there was a difference in how those Combat Crews were treated along with police and—?
MI:Oh yeah that'd be pretty common knowledge. Officers are, that's the way they're supposed to be, I mean, they were supposed to be treated better (laughs) that's why they were officers and we weren't.
JK:So you drive back to base and you recall an uneventful drive back.
JK:OK, at some point you filled out a form.
MI:Yeah and I would've said that it was the next morning, but at some point I was called by my NCOIC, the non-commissioned officer in charge of my shop I think called me and woke me up, and said, "you gotta go down to Base Operations and see a Colonel somebody about this deal that you saw."
TT:You don't remember the Colonel's name?
MI:No not at all. I can kind of remember what he looked like.
TT:Wasn't somebody you knew anyway.
MI:No, that was totally unrelated to our—they were aircraft; they had nothing to do with missiles so to speak.
JK:Now Werlich was 862nd Combat Support Group.
MI:Yeah we went over there and I don't know if O'Connor and I went at the same time, I don't really remember. I remember talking to the Colonel, and I think I talked to him before I filled out the form, and it could've been after I filled out the form, I think it was before. I think I remember him handing me the form, it was a, you know, we called them "unidentified flying objects," but their form said, "Unidentified Flying Phenomena," if I remember right, which stuck in my memory for all these years that it

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