Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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TT:There was but years to years, not, —I mean in 1966 there was another very interesting incident at Minot, in 1967 there was an incident at Malmstrom. In the 1970s there were some incidents over the whole northern tier, from Loring, Wurtsmith across to Minot, all the way across—intrusions into the weapons facilities with these strange objects. So there has been fairly consistent type of phenomena around the northern tier facilities.
JK:About filling the form out, you do not recall anybody sitting with you and showing you angles or talking about anything like that?
MI:That's a real possibility that he may have. In no way did he coach us or anything, but maybe helping us to decide how far it might have been at what angle or what, but I don't really remember that, he didn't really, you know. I remember him not being just kinda matter-of-factly, he wasn't acting like we were crazy and he wasn't acting like we had seen a spaceship or anything.
JK:Was he an older man?
MI:Yeah he was if I remember right, well I mean, I was only 22 or 23 so he probably was my age (laughs) now, or not even.
JK:Well there was a debriefing that morning that the B-52 crew attended, and their debriefing was the next morning.
MI:Mine could've been. You know, I say 'woke me up the next morning,' they could've woke me up the next evening or next afternoon actually, because I would've been sleeping most all day—I probably wouldn't even have answered the phone till late in the day, so I could've gone in that evening and done it. I don't remember.
JK:O'Connor recalls meeting a couple of the pilots when he went in—
MI:No if we—he went in a different time than I did then, and I don't know
JK:You don't recall being with O'Connor then?
MI:I don't recall that, but if he said he was with me, then I'd say yeah, that was probably right, but I didn't meet anybody except than the Colonel—other than if O'Connor was there, I could've been there at the same time O'Connor, but I did not see any of the air crew there.
JK:In his report when you got to the Launch Facility this thing was hovering "in back of the Launch Facility" and that it was changing color?
MI:Never, don't remember that.
JK:You recall it being white.

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