Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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TT:With no other colors associated?
MI:I don't remember seeing any other lights and maybe I did see it as a, you know, if I said I saw a different color light it wouldn't have been green or red or anything I don't think. And it might have been, and I don't remember seeing it fade or, maybe bright or dim from time to time, but I don't remember that even. But if I said at that time that I saw it, then I probably saw it but I don't remember it now.
TT:Let's talk about that discrepancy again. Your report says the sighting began to occur at 12:30 and lasted until 4:30. Does that make sense that it lasted for four and a half hours?
MI:No, no, that doesn't make sense.
TT:How long did that whole incident where you observed the object last?
MI:It seemed like four hours but it might have only been two hours.
MI:I put three and a half to four hours. If I said that at the time, then I'd have to believe that. I can't imagine why I said I saw it at 0030 [GMT] if it was 02:30 [CDT].
TT:O'Connor's got 2:30.
MI:If that's the case we saw it till way after daylight and that doesn't make sense at all, because I remember the B-52 going over and it was still dark because all we could see on the B-52 was a light coming for a long time, or, not a long time but we saw a light, and then it got brighter, and then we could hear it and it goes flying over and it was still dark then.
TT:If you watched the thing for somewhere between two and four hours was that all you were interested in, was watching the object that whole time?
MI:Oh yeah.
TT:Because during the whole time were you reporting back to the base your observations?
MI:Yeah, we were talking to the base the whole time if I remember right, and it might have been lapses of minutes between conversation, but I remember them saying that a B-52 was taking off and was going to fly over and I had wondered why they didn't, you know, scramble something else.
TT:But who is it that mentioned that they did see the 106s fly over?
JK:O'Connor said, "they came blasting right over the site." [LF N-7].

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