Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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MI:Went to the Philippines, and spent 15 months there, and then I went back to Vandenberg which was—
TT:Were you in air conditioning in the Philippines?
TT:They must have loved you.
MI:Yeah, there was a lot of work over there. We didn't have any missiles thank goodness, it was all taking care of the base air conditioners and base housing and we built a school and a barracks. I was in on a couple of construction projects over there.
TT:And then how long were you in the Air Force?
MI:Four years. Then I came back and went to Vandenberg, which is a Minuteman, well it was more than Minuteman, but they had Minuteman there and I was in the Minuteman missile maintenance there for six months and then I got out.
TT:You'd had enough?
MI:Oh yeah (smiling) I had enough before I ever got in.
TT:You went to in to avoid Viet Nam?
MI:Pretty much. Didn't really see any good things about getting drafted into the Army so—
TT:Do we want to go now to that particular night? What impression did it have on you at the time?
MI:It was a unique event, but I've probably had a different impression of it at the time and now as to what it was. It probably differs from what O'Connor thinks happened, for sure.
TT:Why do you say that?
MI:He saw it different than I did at the time, you know, and that's something I've always, even in telling the story many times, which probably my family's tired of hearing about it. I've told them, you know, the difference in what he and I saw the situation. But it was an interesting night that's for sure.
TT:It's clear that O'Connor's recall is different from what you recall, which is odd because you guys were together the whole time.
MI:Exactly (chuckles).
TT:How do you account for that?

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