Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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TT:He's saying that 106's did over fly you do you recall that?
JK:You guys no longer saw it after about 03:45. Do you recall the Air Police staying there until you left?
MI:They were probably there until that B-52 flew over.
JK:Yeah because it says here in this one sequence of events that Adams and Jablonski had stopped seeing it at 05:18, which is considerably after you and O'Connor lost sight of it.
MI:Yeah. I would almost bet money that we didn't see it after the B-52 flew over, at whatever time that was, I don't think we saw it after that. And seemed like the route he came over us was off to the west a little bit, heading north but either directly overhead or off to our west just a little bit.
TT:You saw the B-52 coming in penetrating the Minot area?
MI:Well, no, we saw him coming from the base area, we saw the light come in to view and come over us, or to the west of us a little bit (gesturing the position [N-7] and the path of the B-52).
TT:So he was coming from the base towards you?
MI:Yeah, the last, the only time we saw him he came over from base. He probably, I mean, from the direction he came in I would take it that he took off took off in a westerly direction and turned right and came over our area from there. I don't ever remember them taking off to the east, seemed like I always, and, and I could be wrong, they might have but, seemed like they always took off to the west, but it probably had to do with which way the wind was blowing—the prevailing wind was either north or south so the base, if, if I remember the runway right, was east and west, and the most I remember them taking off would be into the northwest, but undoubtedly they took off according to which way the wind blew.
MI:One thing that they didn't indicate to us or to me, the Colonel didn't, that they saw something specific. All I remember him really saying is that they picked something up on radar and he could've said that they saw something, that one of—I don't recall that, but he definitely did say that they picked something up on radar.
TT:Have you ever had any other experiences in your life?
TT:Well, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we appreciate it.

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