Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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seemed closer than something that would have been clear back to the base, and I think it would've made a lot more noise if it would have been a B-52 flying around out there.
JK:There were B-52s in the air around the base on a regular basis. Would that have been a common sight to you?
MI:When the one did come over? They didn't seem to linger in that area if I remember right, you very seldom ever saw them out in the field like that. On base you'd see them landing and taking off, and maybe they did touch-and-gos, but I'd have to say that I didn't think they did a lot of touch-and-gos, but they could have. If they say they did a lot of flying in the area maybe they did but B-52s always caught my attention and I would say I'd have to remember them—any time I saw them landing or taking off on base I watched them, and I just don't remember them flying over the missile sites that much.
JK:Now when this one did come over was it lower than—
MI:Than what the object had been?
JK:—you might have seen another one pass before.
MI:Yeah, probably so, I mean, like I say, I don't recall ever being out on a missile site and seeing them fly over, now there may have been some sites—
TT:Where their landing pattern would be—?
MI:Yeah, their landing pattern for the most part didn't bring them over any sites on the east side of the base, because there weren't any missile sites out on that side, now on the west side you might have seen them fly over but I don't recall ever seeing them fly over anything.
TT:Any other Air Force planes that would fly over the missile sites?
MI:No, just helicopters mainly there was some interceptors up there and I don't really recall seeing them fly over low or anything.
JK:You mean that night or ever?
MI:—Ever see them taking off and landing at base. But I don't remember ever seeing them flying over missile sites.
JK:You don't recall interceptors coming over that night either?
MI:No. I could almost guarantee that there wasn't any. I think I would've noticed that and I don't ever remember that happening that night.
TT:And the helicopters that you would see over those sites were they ferrying crew?

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