Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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if you didn't check in, once in a while they would flash it to get your attention because your only communication with the capsule crew was telephone.
JK:In the support building?
MI:Yeah the phone was in the support building and one in the silo, but we, of course we didn't have access to the silo so, but I was—
[Switches tape]
MI:—about that time he said "there's going to be a strike team there in just a minute" and about that time, why the strike team pulled up, they'd been, I guess over an hour he'd been trying to get me up—they finally sent the strike team out there to see what had happened to this—I remember it always being two people on the strike team. I couldn't argue it either way probably, but it seemed like it was only two people because there was always one cop at the LCF that was awake at all times. They were out there for three days at a time and they had enough for one cop to be at the desk, and two on the strike team. Course, they could probably wake up the other, however many they had, two, there's probably two teams out there at all times. They could probably wake up the other ones at any time.
JK:Yeah, we've talked to that were the Flight Security Controllers, who would be a Sergeant rather than an Airman and they were at the dispatch desk when they were on duty.
TT:So let's jump back to you were standing outside the Launch Facility and you're watching the object, for a period of time—?
MI:Seemed like a long time—
TT:A half-hour? Less?
MI:I'd say we were out there—it seemed like for a couple hours and that could be totally off base.
TT:In your documents it says that you first sighted the object at 12:30 [a.m. CDT].
MI:Yeah, and I couldn't tell you whether it was, it was pretty late.
TT:O'Connor says you first saw the object at 2:30 [CDT].
MI:Nah, I don't think so.
TT:So what was the total duration of the time that you saw that object?
MI:Probably a couple of hours, at least.

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