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Sign Oral History Project

Oral History Interview with
Lloyd M. Isley (USAF Airman First Class, ret.)

91st Missile Maintenance Squadron (MIMS),
Minot AFB, 24 October 1968

Date: 23 August 2001
Interviewers: Tom Tulien and Jim Klotz

TRT: 1:22 hours
Format: BETA-SP

Copyright: AFS/Dialogue Productions LLC and Jim Klotz.
Transcription by James Klotz with additional editing by Thomas Tulien.

This is a transcript of a tape-recorded interview conducted for the Sign Oral History Project and is essentially a transcript of the spoken, rather than the written word.

This oral history transcript may be read, quoted from, cited, and reproduced for purposes of research. It may not be published in whole or part except by permission of the copyright holder.

Thomas Tulien
Sign Oral History Project

MI: Lloyd Michael Isley
TT: Tom Tulien
JK: Jim Klotz

[Tape Start]
MI:—it looked like we might not have gone to see him the next day, according to some of those dates. He told us that Operation Blue Book, he had contacted or something, and they were thinking about sending a team down there. But then it sounded like maybe their team was like a guy and a secretary and a sergeant.
JK:Colonel Quintanella who was the project manager—he's the one talking in one of these telephone conversations we have a copy of and he says "we hardly ever go out on cases because it's just me and a sergeant and a secretary."

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