Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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MI:I don't know.
TT:I mean do you think it was a function of memory?
MI:No, well, I mean, unless our memories changed in like 24 hours or something you know.
TT:So you knew 24 hours later you guys had really different accounts.
MI:Yeah, right, exactly. Not real different, I mean it was basically that he probably saw, apparently saw more of the object than I saw.
TT:He more interested in looking at it at the time?
MI:No, we were both pretty much wide-eyed and a little bit, you know, a little bit frightened by being out in the middle of nowhere like that. I mean, if they'd said over the—and I can't remember who we were talking to, over the radio, I know we talked to Transportation Control and Base Operations—but if either one of them said "No, that's a this or that," or whatever, why we might not have even watched it any more.
JK:The radio in that truck, "six pack" you call it, or a pickup, there's a speaker not earphones you both could hear—?
MI:Yeah, you had a mike and then they came back over a speaker, anybody standing within, you know, so many feet of the truck would hear what they were saying to us.
TT:So you were patched through to Base Ops?
MI:Well, yeah exactly.
TT:And you had a sort of open line with them so you were hearing all the—?
MI:No, we were just hearing what they said to us. And then we could hear if I remember right, we could hear other [conversations] just like probably the, maybe the camper team on that other site, Oscar-6 or wherever they were. Anybody else in that area, we would have probably heard their checking in, because I know like the Camper Team would have to check in every 30 minutes or so.
TT:Oh, really? Now is that a function of being on the same frequency or a function of this phone patch?
MI:No, probably just being on the same frequency. There was no problem with radio communications. You could hear everything that was going on, but just seemed like I remember conversations from other people, not necessarily—and it could have been concerning the object that we saw, but just people checking in and saying—because you had to, that was a big deal, you had to check in every so often and let them know where you were and what you were doing and everything.

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