Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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was a phenomena. But at that time that's when he told us that the B-52 had picked something up on radar, and that was basically all he told us, the B-52 had picked something up on radar and it stayed with them a while, or maybe disappeared immediately or whatever, but that's when it kinda got more interesting to me. I remember him saying that he had either called the Wright-Patterson or Operation Blue Book and had talked to somebody there and they were maybe going to send a team out, or he was going to call them to see if they wanted to send a team out, something to that effect. And that was the last conversation I remember having with anybody other than people in the squadron about it.
[Break in recording]
TT:OK, we were talking about filling out the Form 117. That was just a morning thing, they brought you in the office, just give you the form and put you in a corner and tell you to fill it out?
MI:Yeah, if I remember right and it seemed like he probably asked us, you know, what we saw and all that, although I don't recall him asking us that many questions, he might just have had us fill it out and give it to him. The only thing I remember him saying, and I'm sure there was more of a conversation, but the only thing I remember him saying was about the B-52 picked something up on radar and I don't recall him saying, I don't remember whether he said they saw it or not. I definitely remember him saying that they picked it up on radar but I don't remember him saying whether they saw it or not. And that you know, there was a lot of conversation about it, in fact, I think O'Connor and I had to go out either the next night or the night after that, probably the next night, and I remember going to Job Control which is where we would go in when we were on standby, we went in to get our work order to go out, I remember going down to Job Control and them asking us about it 'cause it was the same guys that had been on that night before and they had heard all the conversation about it over the radio. I don't know that O'Connor and I talked that much about it, just, you know, "yeah, we saw this and that." Well, you know, we saw little bit different things. He felt like he saw the object and I don't feel that I ever saw anything but a light.
JK:What was the general tenor of the conversation around the shop about it? There was conversation about it?
MI:Yeah, and I think up there it was, you know, being out in the vast (laughs) nowhere, you know you could see the northern lights up there, it was a little bit of a phenomena to me. It wasn't that strange that you would see something, not that a lot of people did, but it seemed like it was more strange that you didn't see a lot of things up in the sky being up there, you know, and if I remember right, there was instances where other people had seen things but for just a second or whatever. I don't know, was this an isolated thing?
TT:Pretty much.
MI:There wasn't a lot of it?

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