Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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said, and the way I remember it he said that a B-52 was taking off and it was going to come directly over us and that we would be seeing it in a short time, and then pretty soon we saw him and heard him coming and at that point I don't really remember whether it was—I would guess that we quit seeing that right before we saw the B-52 coming. And the B-52 flew over and we definitely heard it and saw it when it came over, and then we didn't ever see the light again or the object again, and I kinda remember the Strike Team showing up in the middle of all of it, but I—
TT:Jablonski and Adams is that right?
MI:Yeah. And I don't remember if they saw it at the same time we saw it, at the same place we saw it, I don't remember standing there with them saying, you know "there it is" and all that.
TT:Do you remember them showing up?
MI:I remember them showing up and talking to them, you know, but I don't remember if we were seeing it, standing there together seeing it or not, I just don't recall that at all.
JK:According to the documents, they had been seeing it back at November-1.
MI:Yeah. It seemed like while we were driving there, we didn't have any trouble seeing it, I mean you know, it was right there the whole time, and then after we got there, and I don't know that we had any trouble seeing it, but I don't think it was quite as pronounced once we got there. At some point in time after we were there, it wasn't quite as pronounced, it was a little bit more difficult to follow, although, you know, we did see it for quite some time. And if I remember right it was staying in that general vicinity (gestures above, in front and to the right of himself), but I would have to admit that, especially at that time it was really hard to tell how close it was, other than maybe once when it felt like it came pretty close.
JK:There's a remark in the documents about "approached to within about a half a mile," and I don't know whether that's a guess or—
MI:Yeah, that was probably a guess at that, and I couldn't tell you now whether I said that or thought that at the time or what, all I ever saw was a light. I never saw any more than a light.
TT:A white light?
MI:Yeah. Fairly bright. But from reading the report from what the scientists thought it was, it looked like a landing light on an airplane, I mean I thought that at the time, and what I told people then and what I've told people through the years is if I thought it had to be something, that it would be my guess that it was an aircraft that the Air Force was flying around out there. And if they argued with me that it was that, what some of the things I remember reading in that report you sent me was that they thought it could've been the B-52 that we were seeing the whole time and—you know, B-52s generally—it

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