Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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TT:So it's wrong in your documents, it's 2:30 when you first—
MI:When we first saw it, it was 2:30?
TT:That's what O'Connor says.
MI:Nah, I'd bet money it was earlier than that because if we saw it at 2:30 it would've started to get light before too long.
JK:The discrepancy between the two forms, the one you filled out and the one O'Connor filled out is noted in the documents, they said "no explanation," for them, but the other timelines seem to indicate that a start time of 02:30 is more likely.
MI:Really? That could be, that very well could be, but it didn't seem like that. By 4:30 I would have thought that there would be some light, and that could be that there was—I really don't have any memory of driving back to base, and just from what I've talked to you that O'Connor must have seen things that I didn't see driving back to base (laughs).
JK:He has things that he said that occurred during that trip but you don't recall driving back in the light?
MI:No, but it could have been that we did. And undoubtedly, even with my timeline it would have probably starting to get light. It's very possible that it was 2:30 in the morning. It'd be interesting to know why we were out that late unless they had called us out late to start with, and they might not have called us out' till 11:30 or 12:30 and that would put us out that late, 'cause I don't remember being extremely tired or anything which would have probably been if we had gotten out earlier than that.
TT:If they did send you out so early in the morning it must have been something of an urgent need?
MI:Oh, not necessarily. If they get an alarm, a temperature alarm, and I don't know whether it was me going out there or whether it was, he was an electrician, I don't recall doing anything, so—
JK:Was that the standard pairing an electrician and cooling guy together?
MI:It would be that more than not, because it could have been they had a power production guy that was on standby who took care of the diesel generator, and a hydraulics, or pneudraulics I think they called them, guy who could go out too, but it was usually they seemed to like to put an electrician with the air conditioning guy when they'd go out.
TT:In case there was an electrical issue involved with the air conditioning?

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