Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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MI:Well, no, not really, they didn't touch anything. You had a particular set of parameters that you were qualified to work on stuff, and you didn't work on anything that wasn't in your—you might, but they sure didn't send you out to—it was mainly just the two trades. We probably had more calls than anybody else, so the electricians, and the air-conditioning guys they would generally send you out together. They might have a call for him and a call for you, and they might be fairly close together so you'd hit both sites while you were out. But he and I went out a lot together, we were on standby at the same time a lot of times I guess, so seemed like he and I went out a lot together. Wrecked a truck one time together.
TT:Oh yeah? Were you driving?
MI:He was driving. He came over an overpass, which was just like that (gestures arc up and down) and we came across the top of it and there was a truck down at the bottom of it, a semi, that was trying to get traction to get up the—he hit the brakes and we started sliding, and we went off and rolled it over. That was a bad thing to wreck a truck when you're in the Air Force (laughs).
TT:They don't take it out of your pay did they?
MI:Well, this Second Lieutenant, or might have been a First Lieutenant, I don't remember, that gave us a ride back, this is how big a deal this was—they sent the colonel out there, it was a full Bird Colonel and it was late at night and I don't know how many officers come out there just to look at the truck laying in the snow, and they were slipping and sliding about to fall down crossing the highway, and then on the way back we drove back with a couple officers, and one of them said the Colonel was going to court-martial us. It was like a Article 15, it was a letter that told what you did and they would take away a stripe, but it was just something you didn't want on your records because if you had one you could forget about ever getting another stripe and they could take away some pay or whatever. He said, "You don't want to sign that because it's obvious that that wasn't you guys' fault. This is just between you and me, I'll deny it if you repeat it," he said, "but don't sign that whatever you do." Turned out that behind the truck was a Master Sergeant from base and he told them that the truck was definitely over on our side of the highway a little bit and that there was no way our fault that we weren't speeding or anything so turned out that it was no big deal.
TT:Eventually you went in and did some maintenance to the site I would assume?
MI:I think we must have right before we left, and I don't remember if it was me. It must have been something real simple and it may have been that we just needed to put some Freon in the chiller, and we weren't there very long at any rate after, we were there a long time with that but as far as doing any type of work, we weren't there very long before we headed back to base if I remember right.
TT:Had the object disappeared at that time?
MI:Yes, we watched it and were describing where it was to Base Operations and what it was doing and it seemed like a long time, it seemed like an hour or two. And then he

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