Lloyd M. Isley Interview, 23 August 2001

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TT:Where were you guys headed at the time and—?
MI:We were heading to a missile site, and even though I was, you know, looked at that piece of paper a few minutes ago, it's never been something I remembered as to what site we were, there's like 150 missile sites up there. I think I might have told you that we were in November Flight which is about the best I can do. We were heading to a missile site, and we were heading south on a gravel road. Well, we were driving down a gravel road, which was pretty far out in the middle of nowhere with no other inhabitants around there other than maybe a farmhouse here and there, and not very many of those. We may have stopped at the Launch Control Facility or may not have, didn't necessarily have to.
TT:You could check in with them by radio on the way in or something?
MI:Well, to go to a site, you didn't have to go to the Launch Control Facility. If it was on the way you might stop, they probably didn't even want you there though, but we may have stopped there, I don't know. But we were on our way to this missile site and I don't remember who was driving, I just remember seeing a light off to our left. We were driving south, and there was a light off to our left that would have been to the east that I noticed for, and if memory serves me, I noticed it or we could have even noticed it at the same time, but I remember noticing it for a while and wondering, you know, first I thought it was a farmer's light, but it seemed to be staying with us more than what a farmer's light would have. Probably at the height that a farmer's light would be if you were just maybe an eighth of a mile from it or less, you know, like if there was a farmhouse on that road, and he had a light, that, you know, I really couldn't see a farmhouse.
JK:Would it be fair to say it was in a field or you couldn't tell anything like that?
MI:If it was up there that's probably about all it would've been was in a field (laughs).
TT:Could you see anything behind it?
MI:I really couldn't see anything if I remember right, I really couldn't really tell, you know, anything other than a light. I've seemed to have thought all these years that it was a clear night, but in reading some of the reports they say it wasn't such a clear night which could be that it wasn't—
TT:There was a haze way up but the ground was actually clear.
MI:Yeah, I think it was pretty clear for the most part, and so I guess after we had noticed this light for a while, one of us called Transportation Control, or Job Control, I'm not sure. Both of those would be back at the base and you could get either one of them on the radio, they monitored all the radio communications and we probably called Transportation Control and asked them if there was a helicopter out in that area, which was very seldom, and I don't know if they ever flew helicopters at night. They probably did, but it wasn't very often because we had thought it would've been strange, but we thought maybe it was a helicopter. So he said, "No, there's no helicopters out

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