Richard Clark Interview, 11 July 2003

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TT:OK. I think you intimated earlier that you knew that a team came out from Washington, but you didn't talk to them, is that true?
RC:I heard about it.
TT:You heard about it.
RC:But I don't know, they didn't talk to me.
TT:When you say you 'heard about it' what do you recall?
RC:That they were sending somebody out from Washington to talk to the crew. You know, and I don't remember who asked me but they wanted to know if I was sure about this [indicating scope photos]. Because that's when they said that there was somebody coming out from Washington and wanted to know if I was sure about this. And I told them, "it's there in black and white," there's nothing else that it can be.
TT:Why did you keep duplicate images of these?
RC:I thought it was neat! [Smiles].
TT:And there was no problem with you doing that? These weren't classified?
RC:They were not classified. They may have classified them after the fact, but this was not classified material.
TT:I thought that any time film was exposed by anyone in the service or by contractors under the employ of the Air Force, for example like Land-Air used to do a lot of independent contract work for the Air force out at White Sands and so forth, any time they exposed film it became classified, and they were required to carry a side arm you know. That wasn't the case here?
RC:No. We had a lot of classified material. I had a Top Secret SIOP-ESI clearance and we burned classified material, you know, we did not have sophisticated cross-cut shredders back in those days—an officer and a NCO every week went out and burned classified material, literally.
TT:Would you be burning this stuff [indicating scope photos]?
RC:No, any of the film, or any of the prints from daily missions, hell, we'd throw them away. Those radar images are not going to mean anything to anybody. I mean, you couldn't tell a radar image of New York City compared to L.A., unless you knew it.

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